Intermountain BoilerworX, Inc. - Dedicated to excellence in Boiler System Service, 24 hours a day
 Intermountain BoilerworX, Inc.
 is a veteran-owned, and factory-trained Colorado based service provider for the entire Rocky Mountain region and neighboring areas. Our focus is on commercial and industrial boiler system service and repairs, and other industrial and special services, 24 hours a day. We utilize a safety program that exceeds todays standards of the industry, meeting all of our clients needs. Our company is based on the belief that providing top quality service with a safe working environment is paramount. Whatever it takes.
-Rocky Mountain Region
-Great Plains Region
Mon - Fri: 7AM - 5PM
Sat: On Call 303.845.0432 
Sun: On Call 303.845.0432
Basic Services
  • Burners and controls
  • Refractory services
  • Steam Trap Troubleshooting
  • Emergency repairs
  • Tube replacement
  • Service Agreements
  • Parts Sales
  • Onsite Training
  • Safety Testing
  • MULE Program (Machinery
  •  Useful Life Examinations)
  • Annual Cleaning and Inspections
  • Tune ups (ask about our 'Test and Tune' program)
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Traps and steam service
  • Feed Water Systems
  • Combustion management systems
  • Efficiency Upgrades
  • 24 hour Tech. Support
Special Services
  • Tube Cleaning
  • Weld Services
  • Plant Outages
  • Heat Exchanger Services of all types including plate and frame
  • Heat Exchanger Pressure testing
  • Pop-a-plug services
  • Field-Machine Pipe Bevel Services
  • Stub Removal
  • Flange Facing
  • Tube replacment
  • Emergency Tube Plugging
  • Pipe Services
  • Boiler Rental
  • Confined Space Services
  • Ancillary Consulting; 
Intermountain BoilerworX,Inc.   maintains professional relationships with excellent service providers and representatives who are experts in their fields for Chemical Treatment, NDE, Code Repairs, New Equipment, and other special needs.
 (303) 845-0432
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